Prices for Conservatories – Which are the cheapest?

cheap conservatoriesBuilding an extension to your home by the use of conservatories is something a lot of folks want. Either to provide extra space or to improve the value of a property. However, there are a lot of things to think about.

How to decide on a conservatory type for your home?

There are usually two main considerations to be looked into first – how much space do you have to use and what type of budget do you have?

If space is at a premium for you, then clearly some of the grander designs will be out of the question. The same can be said if your budget is modest.

So, where to start if you want a small cheap conservatory?┬áThe simplest design in the market is probably a 3×3 lean-to conservatory.

Lean-to conservatories, especially those with UPVC frames and a poly-carbonate roof can easily be considered the best option when it comes to value for money and for the ability to fit into small spaces nicely.

What Types of Conservatories are the Cheapest?