Your Guide to Double Glazed Replacement Windows

double glazed windowsIt could be that you just moved into a property that is need of some renovation, or maybe the windows in your current home could do with swapping out. Whichever it is, if you are after Double Glazed Replacement Windows then you may find this quick guide useful.

Main types of residential house windows

  • Sash – these work by sliding up & down to open or close.
  • Casement – what you might consider the most popular design – swing open
  • Tilt & turn – these swing open inwards like regular window but also can tilt inwards from the top
  • Bifold – these slide and fold to the sides of the frames

There are some bigger  more  complex designs such as Bay or Bow windows – both of these designs can be found based on Sash & casement windows. However, they can be quite expensive.

Casement windows can be seen everywhere in the UK, with upvc windows being the most installed type – mainly because they are relatively cheap compared to using other materials such as:

  • Aluminium
  • Composite upvc
  • Hardwood

Costs for Double Glazed Replacement Windows are going to change a lot depending on the material you choose, how many windows you buy at the same time (order size) and the main design.

Sash windows prices & Bifold windows prices are likely to be the highest. Next in line are tilting, with casement usually being the least costly. See a more accurate breakdown here:

From an outsiders point of view, if prices for double glazing vary a lot, then it would make sens to get quotes from several different sellers / installers. You should then easily be able to tell who is over or under the prevailing market price.

It may also help to have several written quotes if you want to negotiate a better deal.

Double Glazed Replacement Windows Guide