What are Different Types of Exterior Doors for Your Home?

If you are looking for an exterior door for the front, back or side of your house, there are a good number of options.

The market for house doors is very competitive in terms of styles, material & prices – here are some options to look at.

exterior doors

Front & Back Doors

in terms of material you can get the following:

  • composite
  • upvc
  • hardwoood
  • softwood
  • engineered wood
  • aluminium

The most expensive would be composite, bespoke hardwood & aluminium. These front & back doors can cost over £1,000 fitted. The cheapest are softwood & upvc. Softwood exterior doors can wear out quickly if you don’t look after them well.

Patio Door Options

if you are thinking of patio door options then consider these designs:

They are also available in the same materials as front & bock doors. In terms of pricing for material used then it’s basically the same as for front & back doors. In terms of design, then bifold doors are the most expensive.

Our recommendation is that you get 3 or 4 quotes from different companies so that you can know where the best deals are to be found.

Different Types of Exterior Doors for Your Home