CarPC's / Carputers / Telematics

So what's a CarPC / Carputer then ? Most of the main brands such as Kenwood, Sony, Pioneer and Panasonic produce some great looking ICE ( In Car Entertainment ) systems, the top end of which are interactive car systems ( or Telematics ) like those you get with new high end cars or even from an OEM – well that's it in a nut shell but…… a CarPC / Carputer does all this and more and quite often with better speed and reaction times.
Because it is PC ( or even MAC ) based it can be customised in a way that an original system can not be. It can be modified that it works and looks exactly how you would want it to and can cost less than a bought system. At the same time the building and designing of 'your' system can be the best bit and the most fun. Pushing it just that little further so it stands out be it graphically or functionality wise can test you at times but can be most satisfying. You can find more information about a basic CarPC install here.



GPS & Safety Camera Detection

DVD / VCD / Divx Play Back

Extras Such as Mobile Phone Integration and OBD-II

Custom Dash Moulding


Infomatics fairly new buzz word for Joe public but it has been around in different forms for many years now in many countries. From traffic control / live street and motorway cameras and data to live VMS signs many government and private bodies have realised the importance of this data for town planning and for the public to be able to get around. But Infomatics does not just have to be traffic information, it can also include weather and public service information as well as RFID tagging to track the use of 'pay as you go' services such as toll and congestion areas like London.
So where does this fit in to the CarPC / Carputer arena ? Well most of this data is available free of charge for the most part on the Internet. This data can be adapted to many software packages and platforms how ever at this time no one on the scene is using it directly although we at Digital-Car are currently reviewing potential solutions to make this easier for those that are members. This is hot off the press news so the best thing for you to do is sign up keep an eye out for any announcements.

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