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Thread: FreeICE Frontend 1.9 Release

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    Quote Originally Posted by donshl View Post
    yeah it does, but it shoulnt matter for the carpc, as you are taking a direct power line from the battery. you should start up a thread so we can discuss more things there!
    thanks mate :)

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    help freeice

    hello my name is Ricardo and I am from Argentina,
    I hope this is understood as a translation by the translators.
    Yo queria saver if you can put any script or software to view videos over http udp.
    My intention is through wifi, transmit video to a PC with freeice by this network. programs that are open wmedia player, but the add or add brother leaves in separate window. how can I do?.
    I need a way to play a video,
    open http / / 192.168.x.x: 1234. now, thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by marlbororman View Post
    hmmm, im not using igo zoomer or anything, igo8 just sits in free ice just right, with the buttons for freeice still showing at the bottom
    Quote Originally Posted by wizz View Post
    It may well sit there just right........but is it embeded ??
    I guess it depends on the screen resolution you are running......
    Actually, that's how it worked out for me as well.
    FreeIce running in 800x600
    Spawns 800x430

    in fi.ini

    //embedded apps
    //starthidden (used to start the above but to hide them. Seperate them with a comma.. ie gps.. use //

    in sys_pc.txt


    BUT ! : I had to merge the iGO8 and FreeIce directory.

    Results can be seen here:

    Now I'm waiting for a response of CdRsKuLL to know if my ideal configuration is an option with V1.92.
    In the beginning was the word, and the word was "Goth".

    iGO for PC thread
    iGO FAQ
    iGO PC File Thread
    iGO Skinning Thread

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