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    I've just gone and ordered an arduino diecimila board, after humming and haa-ing over it for a few months. Hoping to integrate this with the car pc in the long run, once I learn how to program and...and...and...and 400 other unfinished projects.

    Has anybody else worked with one before>? got one in the car pc yet?
    12 on ebay for the freeduino version (same thing)

    The Arduino board is a cheap, robust i/o board based on the ATmega168. It has 13 digital pins (6 of which allow PWM output) and 6 analog inputs. There are USB, serial, bluetooth, and mini versions, which you can buy or build yourself

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    looks interesting

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    What do you plan on using it for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mp3gtr View Post
    What do you plan on using it for?
    i'm semi open to suggestions, but planning to work on a one-touch closure for the sunroof...and a full "close all windows and sunroof" button (using the existing window button...maybe a double tap to signal full closure time)

    there is a project to do a full digital dash using the arduino over on some other forum, so the thing is very flexible. i'm just sticking to the boring stuff until i feel more adventurous.

    (safe link to digital dash project)

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