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Thread: Ranger V1.4 Open Beta

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    Ranger V1.4 Open Beta

    We have decided to run an open beta test for this latest release.

    Download here:

    This is a 60 day trial which includes UK maps only, running Karputer's new routing engine.

    Please post all Feedback in this thread.
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    Tried a number of downloads. Getting the same CRC error when unpacking ?
    Attached Images Attached Images
    Car : Ford Focus Zetec S 1.8
    Carpc :Lin-ITX Plus 7" touchscreen/Toad 8" roof screen
    Morex 3688 case/M2-ATX PSU/Commell V-672 P4 3.2Ghz/1024DDR2/40GB 2.5" SATA HDD/Sony DVD/CDRW
    BU353 GPS/Mercury 11b WiFi/Parking Sensors
    Colour I/R Reversing Camera

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    I shall be trying this when I get home.... any ideas on release dates yet ?


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    It looks like our server is playing up......... please hold off from downloading until i post again in a few hours.


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    I had a similar problem but when I used my FTP client rather than the link above I could see only 130Mb had been downloaded ofthe 171MB file and was able to resume from where it stopped... will let you know if it works in about 1hr or so

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    Should be good to go now

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    Oh wow the file grew to 314Mb, I guess it will take a bit longer to download then

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    DLing :)


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    So far the same old Crashing bug when pressing a key for more than a couple of seconds when trying to get the "drop down" menu to appear, It is almost as if the button press is timing the length of the press and under 2 seconds = press, 2-3 seconds is context menu and over 3 seconds is not handled and causes a crash?

    The error signature I get if it helps is:
    "EventType : clr20r3 P1 : karputer.exe P2 : 2.0.2839.31149
    P3 : 470cdf2a P4 : system.drawing P5 : P6 : 461ef1b8
    P7 : 157 P8 : 17 P9 : system.invalidoperationexception "

    6-8 second lag on Navigation screen makes it almost unuseable if junctions are close together.

    Nav screen shows 2D in 3D mode and vice versa

    How do I play a CD/DVD in the DVD drive?

    When approaching junctions and navi is in large screen mode, instead of showing the whole menu on the right allow the navi bar to be displayed at the bottom.

    When entering routing loaction the black bar above the keyboard no longer displays the characters you have typed.

    filtering the list of possible options takes too long... type 3 characters.. wait 5 seconds, type another character, wait another 5 seconds.. it should be almost instantaneous.

    Enter key still not functional in notepad, no way to name notepad files, no way to tell notepad to create a new file.

    Music navigation by folder and file name is still not possible

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    This shows a lot of potential...

    Gonna load into the car today.

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    well worth a look, and if things kep moving forward the way they are it will be an excellent bit of software.

    Another feature request... there is no option to go full screen so the taskbar is always visible

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    I also managed to get the skin to turn red by renning an .exe file from the skins folder, but no idea how to change it back to green without re-installing, I would actually like to see it in Blue to match my dash.

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    Guys.... how do you set the GPS port up ?

    ( I have a big list of things my self I'm going to comment on so far.... )


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    edit the file C:\Program Files\Karputer\Settings\settings.xml in a text editor, there is a setting in there for GPS port... I think this was also flagged previously as needing to be configurable from within the software, there used to be a setting for Baud rate too, but this seems to be missing so I guess it tries to autoconfigure that now?

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    I just found that if you run one of the .exe files in C:\Program Files\Karputer\Colours you can choose between Blue, Green, Grey, Red and White versions of the skin...

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