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Thread: Voice Direction Issues

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    Voice Direction Issues


    Does anyone how to change the way centrafuse navigation gives directions


    For a roundabout it will say "Turn Right, Turn Right, Turn Left"

    where it should say:

    "Take the third exit"

    & It will say (for example)

    "Turn Right *LONG PAUSE* In 500 yards"

    Can it be changed to say "In 500 yards turn right"

    Is there a way of changing / correcting this?

    Also when searching for an address by city / street the navigation won't find the road name

    yet when I use postcode it always picks up the road name!!

    I know I could just use the postcode all the time, but I don't always have the postcode available.

    Anyone know how to fix this?


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    I thought CF was OK with roundabouts?

    But I get the same problem all the time with RR and MapMonkey. A right pain in the arse!

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    can anyone else clarify? is centrafuse ok with roundabouts or not???

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    not sure, I will look into this...


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