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Thread: Sad times - selling up :(

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    Sad times - selling up :(

    Sad times

    Unfortunately my Car PCing days have come to an end - all car modding come to that! I'll be selling up all my Car PC parts and would prefer to do cheaper deals with genuine Car PCers than use eBay. I'll start listing parts in the classifieds soon as I'm stripping the car this week and getting the spare from the loft tomorrow.

    Feel free to negotiate prices and deals with me, and PM in advance if you think I might have something you're after :)

    Cheers guys,
    Vauxhall Astra SXi Car PC installed.

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    Yeah, the Saloon is sat on the front driveway SORN at present.

    CarPC is still in there, but never used, just removed the 3G stick so I could cancel the contract as it was not getting any use.

    Never got one into the convertible. Still hope to one day. :)
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