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Thread: What do I need to get and will it fit.

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    What do I need to get and will it fit.

    I have just taken delivery of a new Mazda 2 and was wondering if I can easily fit a PC that will work as the radio, music player, satnav, tv and mobile hands free with full control? The car has the buttons on the LH side of the wheel. Is there anything that will replace the centre consol but leave it damage free so it can all be put back as normal when the car goes back at the end of the contract in 3 years. What software should I use XP or Linux and satnav etc etc etc?



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    It really depends on how big your budget is - you could quite easily find a screen housing - check out something like this - then you could get a double din screen - something like (but I'm not 100% on the sizes but you should find any 7" monitor will fit the double din slots - most seem ok width and need a little fab for the height)

    Have a look on the classified listings for the screen and you can also get a pre built system from the classifieds on here - which could fairly easily do all the things you need to do, for example my install will run:

    Win 7
    Centrafuse 3.5 front end
    FM Radio
    Bluetooth Car Kit
    Full European Sat Nav
    DVD / Video
    Preloaded music

    It will soon be linked to my OBD-II port to give me engine warnings etc :)

    I also have a rear camera mounted which connects to my screen as I drive a van :) - I also have an identical camera wired to the back of my caravan, so that when its hooked up the other camera takes over the video feed allowing me to see behind the caravan too.....

    A lot of people run DAB radio from the pc instead of FM - I havent gone for that just yet though :)

    And by getting yourself that other fascia panel you simply remove the factory kit, install yours, and when it goes back you then pull yours out and refit the factory :) no one should ever know :)

    Hope some of this helps :)
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