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Thread: K90 motorised touch screen in return for some help!

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    K90 motorised touch screen in return for some help!

    Hello people of the Digital-car community!

    I bought a car PC setup from somebody on this forum almost 4 years ago (may be even longer than that!) which has sat in a plastic bag in my wardrobe ever since.

    I've finally decided I'd like to do something about it, and now feel I have the perfect car for a fairly easy install, 2000 Mercedes CLK, so a double DIN slot and battery in the boot.

    I'm in SE London/Kent, Beckenham to be precise. And I'm looking for someone in the community, fairly local to me, who knows a bit about Car PCs, and might be willing to show me their install, give me tips, and take a look at the kit and maybe even help me set it all up. I'm willing to travel to you.

    IN RETURN... because I realise nothing is free in this world. I have a K90 single DIN motorised 7" touchscreen which I'm led to believe is quite sought after? I thought it was broken because I've never been able to get it to work, but after sending it back to in Germany TWICE, I'm assured that it works.....this is how little I know about car PCs, despite being fairly good with regular PCs (have built my own so not a total noob!).
    Now that I have a car with a double DIN I'll want a static screen instead, so I'd be more than willing to deal the K90 in exchange for some assistance fitting my car PC should it be of any use.

    So if you're in the South East, and willing to drop some knowledge on me, please make yourself known!

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    A truly overwhelming response haha. We can wait til the riots die down guys!!

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    Hi fella, installing a car PC is quite simple... If you have already built your own PC then your near enough there. The first thing i would do is get it setup and working in your house as this will save you countless hours sat in your car. What PC have you got.. Size etc and where do you intend installing it? If it's in the boot you will defo need to run some vga / USB cables up front. Sometimes it's better if you install your PC if you can up front to make these cables shorter and this will also save on any problems with the cable lengths.. Ie USB can only really go a max of 5 meter.. And you tend to strugglemif it's self powered USB as well.

    Give me a bit more info.. Setup / install positions / psu you intend using and I will try and help you out as much as I can.



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    Wow someone replied, cheers Steve!

    I figured the best way to go about this was to dig it all out and take some pics so you know exactly what I'm working with, then I can tell you what I want to do with it...

    SO to kick things off I have this amp, looks old, looks battered, might not even work! I believe it's 4 channel.

    Connections (there's lots of them!):

    Next up is that says Vibe on it! From what I remember being told when I bought it all, this boosts the sound output voltage which is apparently is quite low on a computer compared to a car stereo which can lead to issues amplifying the feed directly so it gets passed through this box first, does that sound right? I don't understand why there's 3 separate outputs though, I would've expected one in and one out.

    And the PC itself, I've taken close ups of the components but from what I can see it has an M2 ATX, 100GB SATA HDD and 1GB of fairly fast RAM. I'm not sure about the motherboard or processor until I power it up and check that way.

    And the K90 touchscreen, not that I'm using it, but to prove that I have one:

    I also have a USB wifi dongle with a massive antenna and a USB GPS receiver. I have no power or speaker cabling though so will need advice on what to get, how to hook it up to the Battery etc.

    I want to run the car PC in the boot as that's where the battery so I figure that will be the easiest, then just run the cables underneath the carpet to the dashboard. I want it to turn off and on with the ignition of the car. It would be awesome to utilise the steering wheel volume control with one of those Car-PC Joycon things I've seen on eBay but think that might be beyond me.
    I want to keep the existing speakers and I really don't want to chop up the standard wiring. I was hoping I could get an autoleads wiring harness for an aftermarket stereo and chop that up to get the speaker cable feeds and the ignition feed, is that possible?

    From a functionality point of view, I don't want anything crazy. Planning to run centrafuse, so I can have sat nav, MP3 playback. It would be nice to have an FM or digital radio, how easy would that be? Is there a USB option I could use that plugs into the existing car aerial?


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    Vibe Deltabox manual.

    I'd suggest that it's probably not necessary to use the Vibe or the amp for testing indoors, while you iron out any problems.
    Keep it simple and get the basics working first.


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