Hi All,
For quite a long time now i have been looking for a way to control my Car PC from my phone (Nokia N8)

I found an awesome bit of software that lets you control your PC via bluetooth or wifi and lets you load multiple profiles on your phone for different applications.

I have just developed my own profile for controlling my relay board in the car. I have the abbility to put my convertible roof up and down, windows up and down and control centrafuse at the same time.

It might not be up all your streets but its something i will be using at car shows etc to show what can be done with an in car pc.

I will post some pics and videos soon to show what i have done.

For reference the software is called Vectir and can be found at http://www.vectir.com
It has a 30 day trial but a license is only something like 10.

Hope this helps some people.