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Thread: Parcel shelf speakers

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    Parcel shelf speakers

    Basically, i have a Renault Clio Biarritz (1998) which has the standard speakers which are awful and fuzzy. The previous owner had the whole sound thing which was stolen along with the parcel shelf.
    I know absolutely nothing about cars and speakers but i want to buy just a standard pair of speakers which are acceptable which i can listen to loud music on, im not bothers about getting a system i just want speakers which are cheap and will make me happy!
    So i guess to start i would need to buy a parcel shelf which i was thinking to have a look in a local scrap yard. But as for the speakers where could i maybe get pre owned ones and how would i go about fitting them and is it easy enough to fit

    so as you can see i know next to nothing! so please could someone help just to but and install a pair of speakers

    p.s the reason i say about fitting them in the parcel shelf is as this seems the easiest way to do it rather than in the door or anywhere else??

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    You don't need parcel shelf speakers especially in a small car. A good set of front speakers and a sub will sound much better.

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    thank you, yes it nay sound better but i am trying to do the easiest way.. so i thought if i put front speakers in i would have to drill a hole in the door etc. and i am clueless. I am not looking to have big loud speakers and a sub i just need a set of speakers which are better than mine as they crumble and are basically terrible and i thought the easiest and cheapest way of going about it would be to fit speakers in to the parcel shelf. but i do not have a clue but the previous owner had speakers and there is a wire going into the booth with two leads... would this jus tplug into one speaker and the two speakers are connected together or would that of plugged into a sub and the speakers are connected to the sub?

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossmac View Post
    would this jus tplug into one speaker and the two speakers are connected together or would that of plugged into a sub and the speakers are connected to the sub?
    imposable to tell
    what are they connected to?
    the head unit?
    an amp?
    are they run in parallel from the rear speakers?
    do you have rear speakers?

    you cant replace normal speakers with parcel shelf speakers unless you drive the car from the back seat or they will sound rather odd coming from the back
    just replace the normal door speakers if they are breaking up. you wont have to drill a hole just use the same hole you took the speakers out off
    do you have tweeters?
    tweeters are the liitle speakers about an inch wide that are higher than your normal speakers and allot tinnier.

    if im honest you need alot off education on this subject. more than i can give you anyway.
    try searching this first

    and might be an idea to pop down to halfords and see if they will fit new speakers for you. halfords arnt the best at audio but for OEM speaker replacement im sure there fine
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