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Thread: joshnosh-HSTPC build thread

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    joshnosh-HSTPC build thread

    thought i should start a little project log for my home sever theatre PC

    requirement spec:
    *remotely store music and videos for use on 2 or more pcs
    *run 24/7
    *be silent enough to run through the night or be audible to TV watcher
    *run P2P downloads
    *play high definition movies
    *play internet tv
    *browse the internet
    *transfer music over wifi to car pc
    *play blue rays
    *have a large storage capacity that is backed up
    *easy to use on the home theatre side so that family members actually use it
    *be controllable via network (like remote desktop)

    i got some stuff for Christmas:
    zalman HD-501 home theatre case
    2x xilence red wing 120m fans (very quite pretty good air flow)
    lite on blue ray drive
    OCZ 400w power supply (from my pc which just got a 500w one)

    got the drive, fans and psu in the case and its looking good

    now i need motherboard, ram, cpu, hard drives, sound card, wireless keyboard

    dual core something should be fine
    4gb off ram and 4tb off storage
    i was waiting for the December bit tech buyers guide but they dint make one
    and now im waiting for January's but i think its a while away yet due to sandy bridge release

    iv decided against raid 5
    im going to have two separate 1tb drives one having the the os and music films ect
    the other just having music films ect
    and then another 2 two as identical copy's
    is there way i can do this without reduced HD speed and so that i don't lose anything on the cache during power down?

    im going to try ubuntu as the os at first
    if i don't like it or other people cant use it i think i will switch to win 7

    got one of these
    wireless keyboard remote
    looks like a great product
    i was planing on getting a full size or almost full size keyboard
    but my mate has one for his HTPC and its bulky and gets in the way + it always ends up on the floor because hes got no where to put it
    this product should blend in with my normal tv remote

    it runs on a usb powered rechargeable
    i would have just preferred it if it ran off AAs because i cant be bothered to charge it
    the cost was more than i was plaing to pay
    but its too perfect to not buy, im hoping the quality is reflected buy the price

    got my keyboard
    its a little bit lighter and a bit smaller than expected
    all off the buttons give a good response and feel good apart from the space bar for some reason
    can be hard to type with your left thumb due to the touch pad being in the way
    the back light can often be seen underneath the keys meaning it looks a bit tacky sometimes
    the connection is extremely easy its just plug and play
    it even syncs itself
    but the range is about 10f not 10M
    pleased with it but i think its a little overpriced at 35quid but then it fulfilled my requirements perfectly so i cant complain

    got my hard drives from Steveo finally
    there 1TB segate SV drives
    he only had 3 off them so im going to need to source another one off the same or just the cheapest one i can find as i dont think they need to be exactly the same

    stupid credit card bill means i haven't got any spare cash this month and even though bit techs January buyers guide is out now its shit this month lol due to sandy bridge buggering things up
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    if its broke, fix it......if it ant broke, mod it!
    astra mk4 LS install home theatre/sever pc

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    Hi Joshnosh
    Why not just get a Synology DiskStation DS211 249.00 & will do all you need and moor.
    I have one @ home and one at work,


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    thats great but it dosent play blue rays, play iplayer ect, play stored dvd collection and it wount run clients programs like phone my pc
    the storage is limated to 2 drives although it dose take 3tb drives there blody exspensive and even then there not backed up. nas boxes are notoriouse for cooking drives so i wouldnt trust it with my data.
    if i want to do somthing with a pc there will be a program to do it somewhere. what about doble twist air sync for example? a nas box cant run that. or a mine craft sever. also i dispize firmware interfaces!
    nas boxes are ok for a low power networked storage. iv got a 500gb network drive that dose simalar thing but its a bit useless. nas boxes will never replace a proper sever untill they have OS,s and then they will be just small severs! there not exactly cheap ether. i could build somthing quieter with more storage and much more functionalaty for half the price. i was going to use a little nettop style thing that used to be a car pc as a sever but it wasent power full enough in my opinion.

    sorry for the rant but i relly dont like nas boxes
    if its broke, fix it......if it ant broke, mod it!
    astra mk4 LS install home theatre/sever pc

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