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Thread: Support Issues - Upgrades etc....

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    Support Issues - Upgrades etc....

    Hey Guys,

    Just to let you know, even though I spent 123 on 10th November 2010 on our brand new licence, I've been in touch with vbulletin about some support issues, attachments missing etc...

    They are saying there is a new policy only offering support for 30 days and we are now out of that service, however for 51 you can buy a year support or for 62 you can get the whole vb suite....

    This includes a full blog and cms package etc - and LIFETIME support.....

    So I've just done that, 185 (+ vat) later we should now have the dogs danglies of forum software....

    As this is not funds from the DC funds pot - this is my wallet I hope that as a community we continue to grow and thrive

    I also hope that if any of you are in any doubt of my loyalty to DC, this again reinforces it :)
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    Thank you

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