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    I keep coming back to this OS

    Full GMA500 support and support for wifi and 3G dongles. I don't think the joggler has an internal battery so the time wont be correct unless you have an internet connection.

    Only apps that are missing are GPS and phone but it does link in with BT phones.

    Wine also works with it so you can run any windows app if you want but I think Navit could be installed. Maybe even Navit with augmented reality if you got a webcam and wii controller hooked up.

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    well, I read this post last night and thought I would have a go at it, downloaded the jolicloud iso, pulled up a usb creator, did some bits there, made a grub.efi, grub.cfg, all happy, got the vmlinuz and initrd in the right place but it would just hang loading the kernel.

    then I found this
    already running, results apparently so-so.

    personally, I'm waiting for a decent gma500'd android, then will use it as a desktop sip phone with a usb soundcard or similar.

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    looks interesting, will be sure to give this a go, getting bored of the UNR image

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