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Thread: LinuxICE, the carpc distro

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    Things are in a bit of flux right now as we are getting everything ready for Beta3's launch. That's why I don't recommend installing or trying it out just yet. Or at the very least, if you do try beta2-1, don't update, you'll break.

    Other than the broken updating, Beta2 is really stable. I've got a fileserver/web server running it 24/7 (of course, that box just sits there and does nothing), and a development VM where I build all the LinuxICE packages from.

    If your experiencing crashing, I would like to know what you are doing to cause it. I can possibly fix it if I know how it is caused and I can reproduce it.

    As for the slim kernel suggestion, in the repo there are epia specific kernels (c3, c3-2 and c7 kernels). The problem is, that not everyone runs and epia. Not only that, they might not be running a mini-itx board at all. For that reason, the default kernel is exactly the same as Ubuntu's default. It's got enough drivers in there to satisfy *most* people.

    If you are good enough at kernel config, I would always recommend you build a custom kernel just for your hardware. It's going to run faster than anything any distro can build.
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    thats true and i will compile my own kernel. but not every body wants or can do that.

    just a question since you are also on the mp3car forum what is the first source of your project?

    is that your web site

    i will be your beta tester

    oh, if you need an mirror in the uk... just pm me
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    Thanks for offering to mirror. I will send you a pm soon.

    Yes, the idea for linuxice started at (nghost started before I knew about though). is run and started by eubey, who is really the one who jump started the project.
    [B][U]OpenICE - The Car Infotainment Platform:[/U][/B]
    "...Because my car has enough windows"

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