View Full Version : Centrafuse 1.1 Release Notes

27-02-2007, 17:28
Important Notes

uninstall any previous versions of Centrafuse before installing the latest release
when listening to Radio or XM, voice recognition will not properly work unless you have a USB or Bluetooth microphone, this is due to buffering/recording
if having problems with GPS receiver in SiRF mode, try switching to NMEA mode, if having other issues try GPSGate or XPortmode
when I refer to adding parameters to the application it is best to add it to your desktop shortcut in this format, make sure parameters go outside the quotes: "C:\Documents and Settings\David\Desktop\Centrafuse\centrafuse.exe" -nowarning -nolimit

New Features

added support for more languages and keyboard layouts for both the application and visual/voice prompts in navigation, now included supported languages include (English, Danish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
when in random mode and song selected in library it will start with that song first and not a random song
when phone is setup you can directly call points of interest from the navigation menu
added an option to turn on/off whether master volume adjusts rear/sub levels
made it optional to buffer radio and satellite radio
when CF_Dialogs.DateTime dialog is called from the SDK a result value with the specified date is returned
added get next turn to CF_getGPSInfo
added navigation next turn to VFD output options
added minimize to available button actions
added option to use front as your master volume control
added hotkeys for skip forward/back, it skips 10 seconds in audio mode, 30 seconds in video, chapters in DVD mode, channels in sat radio mode, and presets in radio mode
added option for SMS text messages be read back using text to speech
added feature to set click sound volume level in settings, good for when a music/DVD/video playback is loud
added motion check, based on integrated GPS speed, if the car is moving fullscreen visualizations, fullscreen video, DVD, TV, WEB, and the Navigation menu are disabled (if this is not a law in your country run Centrafuse with a -nolimit parameter to bypass), we hold no liability for changes made by persons to the application within regions where these features are not legal
added message dialog on initial startup with a standard warning and liability statement (if this is not a law in your country run Centrafuse with a -nowarning parameter to bypass)

Bugs Fixed

fixed VFD output and CPU usage
fixed GPS COM ports not working over COM9
fixed large media files taking a long time to load
fixed typo in getConfigSetting for Language in the SDK
if viewing "My Library" and navigation turn approaches, the screen properly switches to show you the turn
uninstall no longer fully deletes directory, it leaves any playlists, added plugins, skins, etc...
fixed issue with squares showing up next to albums
fixed issue with commas showing up next to genres
CAM remembers start in full screen option when selected in settings
clicking drop down menu while open properly closes the menu
importing a CD properly works and does not cover other dialogs
importing a CD writes to the proper directory
while importing a CD you can click away form the dialog and leave the tools section and always come back and click import to check the status
double click properly works in DVD while in a DVD menu
going to navigation settings from the drop down menu and hitting save does not cause map display issue
skin, resolution, and language properly update after initial setup
changing skin or language properly resizes the media player video window
the taskbar is properly displayed if a license error occurs
increased the size of the main temperature display in the weather section, it no longer gets cut off
title/artist/album are all properly updated when switching between media and CD's in the visualization information display box
fixed localization problem with date/time dialog
when exiting the system from the exit menu and running as shell, the shell is properly loaded
if all HD playlists are ejected the queue is properly cleared
button click sounds work when using DVD
if settings or configuration files get corrupted they will repair themselves, stops initial setup from starting everytime you run the application
included plugins now check if the main application language/skin has changed and auto change to the new language/skin if it is available
weather section no longer hangs for long periods of time when trying to download weather information, data is downloaded in the background now
navigation will not automatically switch screens while exiting the application, which caused it to lock up
dial up networking now properly displays messages
radio and satellite radio should resume playback when muted by navigation when giving directions
DVD is paused during incoming phone call and resumed when the call is finished
DVD now remembers your current rear/sub levels as well as your front/master
search properly works in "My Library" while in single click mode
fixed video slider not showing up when the lower half of the video screen was clicked
tools import utility properly works in single click mode
music does not go to 0 when you enter media section on certain sound cards anymore
button actions and plugins display in the proper language
phone is properly reloaded after importing vcards
phone properly dials the selected number home/cell/fax
phone SMS and other dialogs properly stay ontop until you click to close them
phone you can send SMS to highlighted home/cell/fax number but if you are in another section you get a dialog to enter a number to send the SMS
phone properly starts playing music when phone call has ended
phone does not overwrite to the error.log file
phone properly dials a number when it is double clicked