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08-01-2006, 17:29
lost the gps cable under the sub box when the install was done, but as we had each end it worked fine and sat in back window.

Its always been a crap gps, no signal if a bird flys past etc, so decided to take it out.

problem is sub box has become one with the car, I'm sure mdf swells in winter...

came indoors after lots of pulling and swearing, yesterday I managed to snap the cable so today I didnt care how hard I pulled, had 5 mins, went out, car full of smoke!

I opened the door and could hear cracking and buzzing from the rear speaker where the smoke was coming from!

I ripped the bonnet up and grabbed all the leads on the + terminal with both hands and pulled with all me weight, snap!

power off I ran back to see the damage

It was my inspection light.......

Its a 8watt foot long flourescent, only ever gets slighty warm to touch and even then its in a plastic tube etc, but its 'power section' had gone into meltdown.

bloody good job I went outside when I did.

Scouse Monkey
08-01-2006, 17:46
OMG! that car is cursed!

08-01-2006, 18:04
not ****ing kidding!

08-01-2006, 18:33
Time for a new one me thinks....


08-01-2006, 18:51
It's a mirror image of Christine :D

08-01-2006, 21:11
No christine tried to kill the owner, not commit suicide.

09-01-2006, 09:34
Sounds like bad karma.

There was a programme on channel 4 the other night called "My name is Earl" about a fella who tries to reverse his bad karma by undoing all the bad things he's done all his life.

Maybe you should take a leaf out of his book :lol:


Scouse Monkey
09-01-2006, 10:19

09-01-2006, 11:45
shit I wanted to watch earl.

well I have repaired the battery terminal, checked all the inside but no scorching just soot damage between the outer shell and the boot liner, so not visible etc, but it stinks of burnt circuit board / wiring etc.

even now after about 3 hours of all the doors open you can smell it, time for a shopping trip for a bulk box of magic trees.....

09-01-2006, 11:57
shit I wanted to watch earl.
I haven't seen it yet but i PVR'ed it.

09-01-2006, 12:12
I want a new pvr, but dont know to go for an lg 7900 or build a fully integrated htpc

09-01-2006, 19:57
i sat there waiting for it to come on but realised i had missed it by 2 hours :D Doh

09-01-2006, 20:46
I want a new pvr, but dont know to go for an lg 7900 or build a fully integrated htpcIs not a new ( bomb proof ) car a better investment ? Or is the PVR for all the time your sat waiting for the fire brigade ?


10-01-2006, 23:37
I want a new pvr, but dont know to go for an lg 7900 or build a fully integrated htpc

See PC format issues 179,180 & 181 they document making one - also see http://www.mysettopbox.tv for the software/etc.

I am just building one!

Or look at the Topfield 5800