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19-10-2005, 12:47
Saw this whilst browsing through a mag, it seems that saving someones life gets you five years improsonment followed by a 3 year ban.
There is a petion to sign if you feel Steve dosn't deserve this injustice.


Scouse Monkey
19-10-2005, 13:07
I think the problem is they were not really driving fast but in a way they were racing in that the inexperienced driver will have been feeling under pressure from his mates and the guy behind to go fast.

That can be seen as racing.

But that said, the guy was far enough behind to stop from 90mph.

The guy driving the fiesta was ultimately responsible and how often do we all find someone to stonk down the motorway with? I always hook up with someone on long drives and take it turns to lead.

The coroner verdict should have been 'misadventure' for the fiesta driver and Steve should have got a penalty for speeding and possibly dangerous driving from what you read there. i am pretty sure that what he witnessed has been enough punishment.

19-10-2005, 13:24
I agree with the racing, after we've probibly all done it (within reason) and that is why i posted it, how would you feel in his shoes if it happened to you?

I think the sentence is way way way over the top and should be reviewed, thats my personal feeling.

19-10-2005, 14:08
Already signed this, I drive a 200SX and we had petitions handed out at a local meet recently. Really do feel for the guy, if he hadn't stopped there may well have been 3 casualties that night.

19-10-2005, 17:49
My first thoughts on reading this was:

Even if they were racing, nobody forced the Fiesta driver to speed, unless there were witnesses, saying the Nissan was up the arse of the Fiesta or some physical evidence of contact.

It was still the actions of the Fiesta driver that lead to his own death and of the passenger.

But then he pleaded guilty to his part in the deaths of two people.
Would you plead guilty for a crime you didn't commit? I know I wouldn't.
Did he know he was responsible and the police could prove it? He pleaded guilty hoping for a reduced penalty.

If 2 1/2 years (assuming he isn't going to be denied parole) is too long. How long should his sentance have been for his part in two deaths.
Yes, he helped save the life of a third, but by his own admission (by pleading guilty) the life wouldn't have needed saving if he hadn't acted the way he did that day.

19-10-2005, 17:58
Extract from the Stoke sentinal:

Richard Gray, defending, said: "What we have here between two young and probably immature men is a moment of madness and certainly an equal degree of culpability in the race down the A500.

"The defendant at no time tried to overtake, but he accepts by his plea that he encouraged an excess of speed between the two."

Mr Gray added that Jackson had shown "maturity, compassion and presence of mind" to stop at the scene and encourage his brother to phone for an ambulance.

He said Jackson apologised "unreservedly" to the families of the dead teenagers.

Jailing Jackson and imposing a three-year driving ban, Judge Paul Glenn told him: "It was wet at the time and you knew the danger of this stretch of road, but despite this you raced against a smaller, less powerful car, encouraging Mr Hughes to drive faster when he had an under-inflated tyre.

"The plain and simple fact is that, had you not chosen to race him, he would not have driven as he did. I'm afraid that racing is a feature of high culpability in this case.

"The aftermath is that two men tragically lost their lives and no sentence a court can impose can compensate for that loss of life."

After the hearing, Mr Hughes's parents John and Mandy Hughes, spoke of their devastation.

Mrs Hughes, aged 42, said: "It's been a tragic loss of two lives and I wish somebody would learn from it. I'm devastated, it's a life sentence for both sets of families. We've been left with a void and we can only hope other young drivers will learn."

20-10-2005, 17:22
This has been done on uk.legal.moderated and the thread is worth a read.

It looks like the chap in the nissan was seen by the court to be "egging-on" the other driver when he should have just let him speed past.

The fact that he stoped after the accident doesn't mitigate the offence.

20-10-2005, 18:41
Yeah sounds bad from the off, but I'm uneasy about signing it - there must have been reasons for him pleading guilty in the first place. Personally, if the Fiesta driver was driving like a twat on a flat then he got what he deserved. As for the other guy, I can't see him getting sentenced without sufficient evidence...