View Full Version : Why am I posting at 4AM ??

27-09-2005, 04:16
Well it's like this...........

Went to bed at about 11.30pm. Woke up at about 1.15am needing a pee. Went to the loo (ours is downstairs), felt a bit funny/dizzy on the way back so sat down for a moment at the bottom of the stairs. Felt OK so continued back to bed.

Got near to the bed and just keeled over - out cold for about 30 seconds my missus reckons. Can't remember a thing apart from the resulting nose bleed and bruised head. OOOWWWW.

Wife called the ambulance, they said I was OK, all things normal.

Must have just fainted !!! ??? :oops: :oops: :oops:

WHAT, I hear you cry, FAINTED?

Yep, it's true, keeled over flat on my face like a sack of spuds. Lucky I didn't do more damage to my GODLIKE features !!

So, I'm now wide awake and I thought I'd make the most of it and try to catch up with Scouse and 2Fast on the post count.

Should still make it down to the meet at the weekend though, and I'll try not to faint on anyone while I'm there. :?

27-09-2005, 08:50
Sounds a bit scary. Any idea why you fainted? Maybe you should get down the quacks for a more thorough check-up.

Let's hope it was just one of those wierd one-off's.


27-09-2005, 08:58
Well, I feel OK now. The paramedic that came out last night thinks that I just had a bit of low blood pressure which caused all the blood to go to my feet and away from my brain. ;-)

Taking the day off today.

27-09-2005, 09:04
Hope you feel better soon, Chris :)

Hope to see you at the meet!


27-09-2005, 09:10
scary stuff - hope your feeling better soon

Scouse Monkey
27-09-2005, 10:34
**** man. have a rest and tell the missus to make you some noce food.

I want to take the day off as the heavens have jsut opened in a major way and i have to walk to work.

I think it was the effort of your little post whoring stint that must have exhausted you!

27-09-2005, 11:27
GODLIKE features !! hahahaha

J/K :D maybe Gravity Vs your super ginat height got the better of you for once and caught you unexpected! still glad your alrite mate ;)

27-09-2005, 11:33
I think it was your big head that dragged you down (Godlike features :lol:), hope it's nothing serious mate, take a day off and get some rest, after all we don't want anyone else dropping out of the meet :)

As for catching up, you've got no chance :D

Scouse Monkey
27-09-2005, 11:38
talkng about catching up. DH has been doing some sneaky whoring I see!

27-09-2005, 11:40
Yeah i noticed he's been about a lot, i'm having a job keeping up with him

27-09-2005, 11:44
Oh well, I'll be happy if I get in the top 5.