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07-07-2005, 12:53
I hope everyone who goes into London is OK. Our thoughts have to go out to the people who are casualties.

What is the world coming too when you can't even go out in your own town in fear of a bomb going off.

I am very lucky today, I was supposed to be at a customers at Russell Square but felt rough this morning so I cancelled. Gemma (my g/f) went through to Tower Hill via Aldgate 5 minutes before the aldgate bomb. She had just missed it. Unfortunately, not everyone was that lucky


07-07-2005, 13:18
It's a shocking turn of events, the people responsible are nothing but animals in my eyes and should be hunted like animals, bagsey first on the electric chair switch :x

07-07-2005, 13:20

Post #3 - C4shMoney - What a fecking asshole

07-07-2005, 13:26

Post #3 - C4shMoney - What a fecking asshole
Just called him a heartless tw*t

07-07-2005, 13:31
I can't get to mp3car at the mo - what'd he post?

07-07-2005, 13:32
I have family who are at work in the city, don't know what time they'll get home tonight...

07-07-2005, 13:35
Ahhh Everyone Panic!

07-07-2005, 13:38
someone who works here has just had a call from his son to say he's OK, he works for London Transport and he knows the driver of the ill fated bus but doesn't know how he is.

07-07-2005, 13:46
hope everyone is ok if they are near where its all gone on...

shocking. heartless cowardy bastards..

never will understand why they think this is helping their cause.

its been claimed (althought nobody is saying if this is confirmed on tv) by some

silent al-queda europe group...

just faceless twats. where's an A bomb when you need it..

07-07-2005, 13:51

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07-07-2005, 17:14
:cry: Heartbreaking what is happening

07-07-2005, 17:19
reports of 33 confirmed dead...

hope this doesn't get any higher

edit... ok just saw a quick bit with channel 4 news...

there have only been 3 bombings in the underground. didn't go into what the other bits were. the 33 dead are from the underground bombings.

they have not released the details of how many have died from the bus bombing.

also there are hundreds ingured and a good few that are critical...

hope all the people we know are ok... would hate to be part of one of the unlucky families....

07-07-2005, 22:44
Horrendous. This is indeed a sad day. My thoughts are with you tonight and I hope it helps strengthen you all as all the details come out.