View Full Version : Firewire to USB

21-06-2005, 17:21
Has anyone ever come across a Firewire to USB lead ? or converter.

At work we've got some digital video cameras which use Firewire (1394a I think, the small version of it) but all the staff computers have USB but no Firewire.

I've had a look on Googley but I havn't had any luck.

21-06-2005, 17:49
The best you'll probably hope for is some kind of video editing card with a USB connection.

Scouse Monkey
21-06-2005, 18:57
Yeah your only option is gonna be a usb2 editing/video in box that has a firewire port but i suspect they wont. Firewire is much better than USB2 at sustained transfer rates which is why it is used and it is a networking interface unlike USB.

best way is to get a PCI firewire card (or pcmcia if it is a laptop)