View Full Version : FAO Chris - USB Wireless Dongle with ReSMA

05-07-2008, 12:26
USB Wireless Dongle with ReSMA (http://linitx.com/viewproduct.php?prodid=11442) - I've been looking at this - any comments ? Is it a good unit ? What are the drivers like - a pain or built in ? Do you know if it comes with a USB pig tail at all ? Whats its ability to pull in a connection like ?

Also thinking about using the Omni Antenna 2.4GHz - 5dB (http://linitx.com/viewproduct.php?prodid=10962) in the short term.... or is the Omni Antenna 2.4GHz - 9dB better (http://linitx.com/viewproduct.php?prodid=11478) ( I know its pulls in a better signal but some times it makes no diffrence ) ? what do you think ?